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Mini Hippo Puppies

Elsie Mini Hippo puppy

Recent News - Upcoming Litter!

Tina Mini Hippo puppy

We are anticipating that Dulce will have a litter of beautiful pups in late November!  We have left up pictures of her last litter (under available puppies) so you have an idea of what the pups may look like!  Hippo's are kind of funny, they can produce a wide variety of colors and coat types!! So we never know exactly what they will look like until they are born!!

Whole pile of Mini hippo puppies at Wags and Wrinkles

Who doesn't just love the wide wrinkly face of a Shar Pei? Their hippo like appearance, loving personality, and happy demeanor makes them the perfect dog. I have loved Shar Pei's for as long as I can remember, and always dreamed of owning them. My sister has always loved Cocker Spaniels, so when the Mini Hippo Dog (or CockerPei's as they're sometimes called) came to our attention we knew we had to be a part of that community!


We pair healthy, great structure Mini Pei's with the most ideal Cocker counterpart, and we are so proud of the lovely puppies we are blessed with! Our main focus is Mini Hippo/CockerPei's, but we do occasionally have a few pure bred Mini Shar Pei litters! 

What is a Mini Hippo?

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