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Wrinkle Program



What is a Mini Hippo

Mini Hippos are a mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Chinese Shar Pei. It's the best of both worlds. Mini Hippos get the fun loving, happy demeanor of the Shar Pei, and the smart, people pleasing characteristics of the Cocker. Mini Hippos (or CockerPei's) have a dedicated community who all know and love this breed. 


In our program, we breed Mini Chinese Shar Pei's with Cocker Spaniels for the most compact Mini Hippos. While some other Mini Hippos can be over 50lbs, our Mini Hippos weigh in at just 25-35 lbs when full grown. These are a mix of Mini Shar Pei's and a standard Cocker Spaniel. 

About Us

We are two sisters who have loved Cocker Spaniels and Chinese Shar Pei's for as long as we can remember. We live and work together among our puppies, and our adorable pup moms and dads. These are our family dogs that we take out on walks with us, have around among friends, commute on our long drives, and take naps and cuddle with often.

Like us, we hope you will enjoy this wonderful combination of the affectionate and mild mannered Cocker Spaniel and the happy-go-lucky and sweet personalities of the Shar Pei. We have puppies on the way, so take a moment to contact us for details.

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Is a Mini Hippo for You?

Mini Hippo Dogs are loyal and always strive to bring a smile to the face of their person. They are friendly, great with kids, and fantastic pets. Mini Hippos have the most adorable wide snoots, floppy ears, constantly wagging tails, and wrinkles! Don't get me started on the wrinkles! 

If you want a friend that will make you smile EVERY time you see them, this is the pet for you! They have the sweetest personalities, and love to please their human friends! They are great with other pets. 

They love daily walks, but also just want to curl up with you and chill. 

What about health? Glad you asked! Cocker Spaniels are naturally very healthy dogs with few health issues. Because of their floppy ears, they can be prone to ear infections. This is also true of the Shar Pei's due to their very small ear canals. You should plan on cleaning your Mini Hippo's ears at least twice a week as a preventative measure. 

Want to get your forever friend?

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