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Wrinkle Dogs

The Family



AKC Mini Shar Pei - 35lbs

Dulce is a stunning black and tan mini Shar Pei. Her fabulous structure, perfect eyes, and smooth coat add to her credentials. She loves to run and play with her best friend Bria (see below). They are inseparable and do everything together.


Mini Shar Pei - 30lbs

Bria is our teddybear baby. Her face looks just like a teddybear with her dark brown eyes and her pink nose. She is our smallest Pei baby, but still has the perfect stocky build of a Mini Shar Pei. She loves new people, and won't eat her food until she's gotten at least three pets on her head. She can always be found with Dulce, trying to keep her out of mischief.

IMG_1731 2 (1).jpeg
IMG_1731 2 (1).jpeg


Mini Shar Pei - 35lbs

Cannoli (or Nole Noles as we affectionately call her) is our happiest baby girl. She is very loyal to her people and can take a bit to warm up to new people, but once you've become friends, she'll love you for life. She has the sweetest personality ever. She loves to "Dance" as you walk up to her, and revels in all the pets she can get. She's exceptionally well behaved, and loves all of her dog friends.


AKC Cocker Spaniel - 22lbs

Tanner is our Cocker Spaniel Daddy. His silky smooth cream, tan, brown, and black coat is a rare (and beautiful) find. He is ever energetic and up for anything. He is the goofball among our family and always wants to be the center of attention. 

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