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Mini Hippo Puppies

Females Available

Billie Jo


Billie Jo-8.jpeg
Billie Jo-2.jpeg
Billie Jo-3.jpeg

Betty Jo



Bobbie Jo


Bobbie Jo-1.jpeg
Bobbie Jo-8.jpeg
Bobbie Jo-11.jpeg

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Meet our Mini Hippo Litter! This is a pairing of our Mini Shar Pei Bria and our American Cocker Spaniel Tanner, and it's the most stunning litter of puppies we could ever hope for! 

These pups have the most amazing personality just like their parents. Bria is a great momma, and can never get enough of her pups.  We can't wait for her wonderful pups to find their forever homes with the perfect families.

They are very happy pups and can't wait to find their forever homes! Contact us today to reserve your pup.

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