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Enjoy a Pup this Summer!

Summer is here and in full swing! Warm sunshine, long evenings, lazy afternoons, and a wonderful time to bring home a new puppy! The nice weather means you can spend more time outside with your new family member and there are plenty of opportunities for socialization and training! Heading out for a little walk in the evening? Take your furry friend with you, they will help you see new things and perhaps meet new people along the way. You will love being able to tell people your pup is a Mini Hippo! :D Going on a hike? Don't forget your trusty companion! Those adoring eyes and wagging tail are sure to encourage you when the trail is a little tough. Planning on cooling off with a swim at the local beach? Many dogs love a good swim - for some reason it is just bathwater they don't like much! ;D Having a few friends over for a BBQ? What a perfect opportunity to help your pup learn the social skills they need to be the center of attention in a good way! It won't take your pup long to discover which of your friends is the best ear scratcher, the best at throwing the ball, or playing tug of war and the best at dropping tidbits for a hungry pup to clean up, and let's face it, you always want help cleaning up! Summer is just a fantastic time to open your heart and bring a puppy home! It won't take long before they are a beloved family member and you will wonder what life was like before they came along! :D

We have some absolutely beautiful pups that are longing for a family to adore and love! Here they are:

Miss Tina

Miss Tammy

Miss Tabitha

I'm confident one of these amazing pups will make your summer unforgettable!!

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