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Mini Hippo Puppies Available - Ready in 2 Weeks!

It's been a while since we've posted! We've been enjoying the summer with our lovely Pei's and Cocker's here in beautiful Tennessee. Part of the enjoyment was that our precious baby girl, Dulce, had a litter of Mini Hippo puppies! You may remember Dulce from the ever adorable picture of her trying to convince me she can be a couch dog (she won that argument, LOL!).

Dulce convincing me she's allowed to be on the couch

Dulce and Tanner had a STUNNING litter that has such fun color and coat variation! Meet the amazing pups below! We expect these pups to be full grown at about 30 pounds.

Mr. Elliot - Available

This boy has a shorter coat (but it's still SO soft). He is mellow and loves cuddling. He and Elmer are always snuggling and napping together.

Mr. Elvis - Available

This boys long coat is SO velvety smooth. He is an explorer and total ham! He and his sister (Eloise) look like identical twins and are always playing together!

Miss Eloise - Available

Are you seeing double? YES! Eloise and Elvis are basically twins. They even have the same white blaze on their chest. Eloise is also a total ham like her "twin" brother!

Miss Elsie - Available

I shouldn't have a favorite... but this girl has won my heart! She has a shorter coat, and floppy ears. Her light coloring and the light eyes... She's petite and full of spunk!

Mr. Elmer - Available

This boy is chill as can be. He loves to cuddle and loves to eat. His tail is always wagging because he's just the happiest boy in the world! He has a longer coat like Elvis and Eloise!

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