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Picture Time? I thought you said Play Time!

It's been a bit rainy and dreary here in TN the last few days, so I had my eyes set on this afternoon with some sunshine to get some updated pictures of our hippo girl. The sun finally came out late in the day, so I got my camera and we headed outside!

Baby Hippo cooperated beautifully for a few pictures, posing so nicely......

But... then the sunshine and warm grass were just too much and she had to enjoy them instead of posing for me! (Who can blame her though, really?)

Playing with her outside was just SO fun and I had to snap a few pictures to try and capture her excitement and curiosity. Every picture I took it seems like she's smiling. She would run and run, but always return for pets and snuggles.

After she was thoroughly worn out from playing, we got a few more snap shots of her. You can tell how tired she is from all the fun. :-) This sweet girl is just too fun, and I can't wait to find the perfect forever home for her! Contact us at 865-321-9968 for more details!

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